Quality Programming

"Code is read 7x more than it is written". - programming adage

Creating high quality software isn't easy. From the users perspective it is hard to tell clean well documented maintainable code from poor low quality code. That is before feature requests, bug fixes, and security holes are patched. Soon low quality code is unmaintainable and expensive to change.

One may hear "it's time to rewrite". This should generally be avoided! Software is organic, and in constant flux. Rewriting poor code is akin to uprooting an vineyard and replanting. You will wait 7 years to bear equivalent fruit. That is untenable in the web connected world.

So choose your developers wisely, those who have mastered the art of best development practices will take your projects further for less money and lower risk in the long run.

Clear Communication

Software is amorphous. Like a thought or idea it has neither shape nor form. It is the job of the developer to take an idea or process and turn it into a virtual factory, productive for its owners.

You, the client, have a vision. The developer listens to your vision, understands your vision, and implements your vision. Without clear and effective communication, this can fail, costing time and money.

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Downloadable Tools

EasyCSV - Run SQL queries against CSV files (windows).

FastCrawl - PHP web crawling framework.

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Fun Stuff

DOM Benchmarks - So you think simple html dom is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Think again. The PHP built in libraries DOM(inate).

Craigslist Gigfinder - Find gigs in the computer section. No need to click over multiple cities any more, the gigfinder puts it all in one place!

Online image resizer - Quick and dirty image resizer

Plate Techtonics - A fun way to show off jquery transitions.